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What does Google know about you?

25 Mar


This thought provoking post about googling people shows that as Google is generally the first port of call when researching someone, it’s probably a good idea to attempt to influence to the information Google has about us in a effort to create an accurate online reflection of ourselves.

Developing a personal brand

Apparently our personal brand is ultimately a culmination of what we say and do every day according to this article by Rajesh Setty, so it already exists, it’s just a question of making sure that the information gets out there.

There seem to be some good reasons to develop a personal brand online, whether it’s to improve your reputation, make you more memorable or differentiate yourself. This excellent e-book by Rajesh Setty talks about how to improve your personal brand in general.

Once you have your lovely personal brand – what next?

Promote your brand

This article by Chris Brogan has 100 tips on using social media to promote your personal brand online.  Obviously this article is aimed at getting the widest audience online, and as with any marketing effort, attention should be paid to the  type of audience you will attract, so some level of targeting relevant sites would probably be a good idea.

I like the fact Chris starts with listening – usually a good place to begin when developing relationships.

He then goes on to mention all of the tools that will help to develop the ‘offering’ – like passports and websites/ blogs, followed by using those vehicles to create dialogue and then ending with promotion.

It’s a a really good way to kick start your online profile and get your voice heard! Thanks Chris!

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The age of Twitter users

5 Mar


I was listening to the radio other day and the dj mentioned that he felt no-one on Twitter is below 30 – I found this quite surprising because I thought it would be biased towards a younger audience.

This survey by problogger showed that the age range on Twitter does indeed peak at the 31 – 40 age range (a category that I now fall into :( ) but it’s also really popular with the 21 – 30 year olds and 21- 50 year olds (and even one user over 100 ;) )

Thanks problogger – this is good to know. Nice survey tool aswell.


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